Open Your Heart to a Child ~ Adopt!
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For Immediate Release PR Contact: Amanda Way 210-535-5386


8th Annual San Antonio Adoption Fair 2014


 Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014

(9:30a-1:30p at Oak Hills Church
19595 IH 10 West
San Antonio, TX 78257) 


 There are literally hundreds of thousands of children
who  are orphaned around the world just waiting for forever families.

Some wait due to Child Protective Services intervention, others wait

due to overwhelming poverty and hardship in their country.

Regardless of the reason...  they wait 
hoping that someone
will open their home and heart to them.


The 8th Annual San Antonio Adoption Fair
will host foster care and adoption agencies from
across the nation on Saturday, January 18th
from 9:30 am to 1:30 p.m. at Oak Hills Church
to assist potential parents as they
begin the process of adoption.

During the Adoption Fair there will be information available

regarding domestic and international adoption,
CPS adoption and foster care.  

We will have an adoptive-families panel
(parents, children and adult adoptees)
to discuss adoption experiences and answer any questions

guests may have.

“The Heart Gallery” will be there to display portraits
of foster children who are legally available for adoption.
In addition...
guest speakers will highlight topics on
legal rights, the home study process,
the various types of adoptions available,
and other adoption related topics.

This free event is a community awareness project of Adoption Priorities, Inc.

 It is API's desire and mission to assist families who are seeking

adoption information or who are seriously considering

changing the life of a child forever.


For more information, please visit

or call (210) 535-5386.