Open Your Heart to a Child ~ Adopt!
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 A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families…   Psalms 68: 5-6

There are thousands of children in the foster care system
just waiting to be adopted...
All of these children need a "Forever Family" to call their own.

Within the State of Texas, there are thousands of children who are living without a Forever Family. These children are currently living in foster homes or treatment facilities waiting for someone to claim them as their own. The reasons that they wait vary and can include abandonment, abuse or neglect or having specialized needs. Regardless, each and every child waiting for a home deserves a family to love and cherish them forever!

Adoption Priorities, Inc. has partnered with the TDFPS to find loving, caring Forever Families for waiting children in TDFPS custody. This program is designed to place  children and sibling groups of all ages in homes that are able to meet their needs.

API receives funding from the State of Texas for this program.

Program Highlights:

Experienced staff that can assist you every step of the way.
Specialized services to meet the needs of your family.
Participating in adoption preparation classes.
Free of Charge – Prospective adoptive parents do not pay for our adoption services.
Being able to positively impact the life of a child who needs a home!
Becoming a parent!

Program Requirements:
 Must be 21 years of age. 
 Be financially self-sustaining. 
 May be married, single, divorced or widowed.
  If married, should be for at least two years.
 Be willing to submit to a criminal background check.
 Be willing to attend parenting classes.
 Participate in a home study.
  Be committed to parenting a special child.

Types of Children Available for Adoption:
Children of all ages are available for foster to adoption and older children for straight adoption.
May be a member of a racial or ethnic group.
May have been born drug exposed.
May have a professionally diagnosed physical, mental or emotional condition. 
May have been emotionally, physically or sexually abused, neglected or abandoned.
May belong to a sibling group that needs to be placed together or that needs to maintain contact with each other.

There are two ways to adopt through TDFPS: Foster to Adopt OR Straight Adoption

Foster to Adopt Program: In this program, the child is placed in your home as a foster child with a possibility of being available for adoption. There is a possibility that the child may return to the original home or be placed with relatives. These children may be of any age.

Straight Adoption Program: In this program, the child is legally free for adoption before being placed in your home. TDFPS has already attempted to reunite the child with the original parents and other family members but has not succeeded. These children tend to be school age or in sibling groups.